Barry Hutchison

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“Born and bred in the Highlands of Scotland, I have been writing ever since I first figured out which end of a pencil did what. I wrote my first novel when I was twelve. It was eighteen pages long and terrible. Since then I like to think I have improved.”

Barry is an award-winning children’s author, writing for a broad range of ages. His books include the spine-chilling INVISIBLE FIENDS horror series for 10+ years and comedy fantasy for older readers in THE 13th HORSEMAN and THE BOOK OF DOOM (all HarperCollins Children’s Books). He’s also written a ‘medieval’ comedy adventure series for 7-10 years starting with THE SHARK-HEADED BEAR-THING (Nosy Crow) and there are more laugh-out-loud adventures for 7-10 years in the BEAKY MALONE series published by Stripes (Little Tiger) – contemporary tales of hilarity about an unfortunate lad who, no matter how hard he tries, simply cannot tell a lie. His latest series for Nosy Crow is SPECTRE COLLECTORS – spooky adventures with a large dose of comedy (there’s a theme developing here…). The first Spectre Collectors title TOO GHOUL FOR SCHOOL was published in 2017 and in 2018 Barry’s very first picture book, MAGNA COW (illustrated by Cate James) will be published by Little Door. Watch this space!

Barry also ghost-writes for a number of popular series.

Barry is a champion of children’s reading and writing, travelling all over the UK and visiting scores of schools every year to give talks and run writing workshops.

Some of Barry’s books:


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