Sue Purkiss – and the delights of school visits

There are a fair number of no-so-happy stories circulating about author visits in schools, so here’s an entirely positive story for World Book Day, largely celebrated in schools who value reading for pleasure (those that aren’t closed because of the snow, that is…).

Sue Purkiss was visiting a school yesterday to talk about her latest novel, Jack Fortune and the Search for the Hidden Valley and arrived to discover that the children had created a large and detailed display inspired by the book – which they love. She had a wonderful time – all authors love to hear that their readers have enjoyed their books, after all.

Jack Fortune tells the story of a nephew and uncle who head off into the Himalayas on a plant hunting expedition – and discover more than just the fabulous flowers they had hoped to find there. You can buy it here, or from your preferred bookseller, and you can borrow it from your local library.