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The Submission Guidelines should provide you with all the information necessary. Please read them carefully before sending your submission.

Please note that we cannot provide feedback on manuscripts or offer individual consultation.

Fraser Ross Associates Consultancy

We also offer consultancy and training relating to Readership Development, book selection and reading promotions. If your interest relates to this area of our work, and you would like to discuss a project, please either email or phone.

Creative writing with young people

We are delighted to be working with young writers through our involvement with The Pushkin Prizes and The Young Walter Scott Prize. Both these splendid initiatives encourage young people to tell their own stories.

Pushkin Prize-winners’ Week 2017 at Moniack Mhor

Young Walter Scott Prize-winners 2016 at the Melrose Book Festival.

If you would like any information about either of them, please get in touch.

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