Interesting times – stay safe

These are interesting – if tough – times for us all.

We’re fortunate in being able to continue to work very much as normal – and the publishing industry has responded positively and rapidly to the situation with most employees now safely installed at home. Many publishers are posting resources and links to support parents and children at home – lots of Fraser Ross Associates authors and illustrators are on-line too. Bookshops have been doing sterling work in responding to an encouraging upturn in sales. Silver linings, and all that…

The way things unfold over the next few months will have an impact on us all – but in the short-term, if any of you have been guilty of stockpiling books over the past few years, now’s the time to enjoy them. There’s a lot of on-line noise out there – quiet time with a book, if you can get it, could be quite restorative.

The Covid 19 virus has not reduced the number of submissions we’re receiving – so we’re certainly not short of new reading material. And it’s certainly not reduced our enthusiasm for finding books readers will love.

Stay home, everybody, and stay safe.