L J MacWhirter‘s debut novel, the Carnegie-nominated Black Snow Falling, evolved over a number of years until it was published in the summer of 2018 to considerable acclaim.

Since then, Liz has talked to audiences of all ages about the book – the response from young adult readers in particular has been remarkable. They quickly ‘get’ this novel set largely in 1592 because so many of the questions asked by its heroine, Ruth, are questions they are asking over 400 years later.

You can read Liz’s blog – #HeforShe – Feminism in Black Snow Falling here. It’s a very personal, often angry account of the kind of concerns that continue to drive her as a writer, and as a human being.

‘…I had always hoped that by the time my daughter grew up, gender equality would be less of an issue for her as it was for me, as a single mum working full time in a male-dominated creative industry. Yet, somehow, a man who boasts he can “grab” women “by the pussy” is elected President. Then there were the revelations about Weinstein. And the backlash against #MeToo…’

Black Snow Falling is now available in paperback to order or buy from your favourite bookshop, borrow from your local library or order online from here

And if you would like to invite Liz to come and talk to a group about her book, her contact details are here.