Scotland’s Colourful Story

Created by a team of over a thousand stitchers in 2012/2013, The Great Tapestry of Scotland is the longest tapestry in the world and one of the most ambitious community arts projects ever undertaken. The artist, Andrew Crummy, who designed the Tapestry says it was ‘a truly collaborative project in which my original sketches were used as a guide by an incredible army of stitchers who often added their own ideas into the panels.’

Andrew’s book, The Great Tapestry of Scotland Colouring Book (published July 2021 by Birlinn) features drawings adapted from his original designs, as well as brand new drawings, including one depicting the purpose-built, soon-to-be-opened Great Tapestry of Scotland Centre in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. Andrew¬† invites you to add colour – pens, crayons, pencils!) to bring Scotland’s story to life and to share in this remarkable work of art.

  You can buy The Great Tapestry of Scotland Colouring Book from your local bookseller or order it online here