The Big Book Weekend!

The Big Book Weekend is an online festival curated by authors Kit De Waal and Molly Flatt. You can register for it here – free of charge.

Supported by the BBC and Arts Council England, it’s a collaborative response to the many book festivals postponed because of the current lockdown situation.

The Borders Book Festival nominated Jill Calder and this afternoon she ran a wonderfully hands-on event focused on the illustrations for her stunning picture book, Robert the Bruce, written by James Robertson. By the end of it we’d all made a book! (A trouser book, if you please…)

Fortunately, because the event was on-line, you can access it even if (like me) you missed the start.

It’s a brilliant programme – all kinds of genres and readerships reflected in an imaginative cast of writers and illustrator.

Do join in Рfrom the comfort of your own homes! (Bring some crayons and pencils Рany colours, paper and a pair  of scissors.)