Vivian French – awarded the 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award

Scottish Book Trust’s Outstanding Achievement Award 2018 has been awarded to Vivian French to mark the vast range of activities in which she’s involved throughout the UK, in addition to writing around 300 books herself – picture books, fiction for all ages, plays and poetry.

In fact, a quick survey of publishers suggests that around 10 million books written by Vivian French have been sold world wide.

This award marks the contribution she makes in supporting new and developing writers of all ages, and her work in raising the profile of illustration – especially through the Picture Hooks programme that she devised alongside Lucy Juckes. In the film made by Scottish Book Trust – which you can watch here – you’ll get a real sense of the extent of Viv’s industry and commitment.

Award-winning author though she is, to us she’s been a fantastic friend over many years – supporting the Readiscovery Book Bus project while we were with Scottish Book Trust – cheerfully travelling the length and breadth of Scotland, judging the Pushkin Prizes, offering advice based on her vast experience, introducing us to writers and illustrators from all over the world, enthusing about some of our madder plans, feeding us, cheering us on, sharing her holidays with us and always, always, working incredibly hard.

We’ve been proud to represent her, our very first client, for the last 16 years.

Most of our photos of Viv show her in front of audiences of all ages. So as a change, here she is on a walk in Yorkshire with Kathryn, no doubt debating the finer points of something to do with children’s books. Or perhaps revealing the secret behind her delicious macaroni and cheese…