GHOSTOLOGY… The Complete Guide to the Study of Ghosts

Ever since Dragonology in 2003, author Dugald Steer has been the ‘ghost writer’ for the majority of the  Ologies  Templar Publishing‘s hugely popular and successful series of illustrated books presented in a fictional encyclopaedic format, each with its own distinctive fictional ‘author’. But for Ghostology, the splendid new addition to the Ology World Series, Dug found himself ghost-writing for an actual ghost!  He was haunted throughout by the spirit of ghostologist, Lucinda Curtle, who insists that she wants to keep the secrets of the dead a secret. Or a terrible fate will befall the reader…

Do you dare to explore the supernatural mysteries within the pages of this splendidly illustrated book? Three artists – Anne Yvonne Gilbert, Doug Sirois and Garry Walton – have between them captured uncanny likenesses of ghosts, hauntings and spooky goings-on. Dugald Steer and the publisher say that none of them – ghost writer, publisher or illustrators – can be held responsible for any ‘spectral, audible or inexplicably frightening events that may occur in this truly astonishing book’s presence’.

Ghostology (published by Templar Publishing) is available from all good bookshops and libraries, or you can order it (carefully…) online here